One of my personal favorite sources of free stuff is Craigslist. The popular online classified ads site allows individuals to sell and giveaway their belongings. After browsing for just a few minutes, some of the free items I came across include several sofas, an executive leather chair, a Craftsman edger, diapers, a Nordic Track elliptical, and even a free 1970-model mobile home with trailer. You can’t sell a mobile home online, but it’s still an interesting find to say the least.

To find free stuff on Craigslist, click the “free” link under “for sale.” Keep in mind that other people specifically look for free stuff here, so focus on the most recent listings first to increase your chances of success.

Local Dumps

As the saying goes, “What’s one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” holds true when speaking about dumps. It’s not uncommon for people to throw away perfectly fine furniture, tools and other items at the local dump. Depending on the particular dump and its respective rules, they may give away some of these items to whomever asks for them.

End of Driveways

With a little bit of luck, you can also find free stuff at the end of driveways. When someone no longer wants an item, they’ll place it at the end of their driveway. Of course, you should ask the homeowner if he or she is giving the item away before you take it.

Printed Classified Ads

Among the oldest and most time-tested sources for free stuff is printed classified ads. For decades people have been giving away unwanted items by posting in classified ads. Most widely circulated newspapers for populated cities have a classified ads section, which can check for free stuff to sell online.

Amazon Vine

If you review enough products on Amazon, the e-commerce giant may invite you to participate in its Vine program. So, how does this translate into free items that you can sell online? Well, Amazon Vine is an invite-only program in which users receive free products in exchange for their honest review.

As explained in this Tech Crunch article, Amazon previously allowed sellers to provide users with free products in exchange for reviews. After receiving heat for biased reviews, however, Amazon prohibited this tactic by only allowing incentivized reviews through the Vine program.

You can increase your chances of getting invited to Amazon Vine by posting frequent, in-depth and thorough reviews of products. Don’t just give every product a 5-star rating, but instead provide an honest review, whether good or bad.

Facebook Marketplace

Another source of free items that’s becoming increasingly popular in recent months is the Facebook Marketplace. Introduced October 2016, it’s a platform on which users can buy, sell and give away items. Facebook Marketplace began as a Group, though its fast growth prompted the social media giant to launch a dedicated platform for it, known as the Facebook Marketplace.

You can access the Facebook Marketplace by clicking the link above, or by tapping the shop icon at the bottom of the Facebook app on mobile devices.

These are just a few ways to get free stuff. Once you’ve built up your inventory, you can list these items to sell on our website. To learn more about finding and selling products online, contact us today.